A video demo of a new take on the Windows desktop, via some free software called Splinter. It seems to make your desktop wallpaper into a sort of interactive motion-comic / point-‘n-click game…

What seems to make it a little different from all those old screensaver apps from the 1990s is that it… “plays in real time, no pre-recorded animation”.


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  1. Hi, CLOSE…..I am Splinter’s designer. It allows you to use REAL-TIME imagery in motion to turn your desktop into any genre of “anything”, lol. So far, just i have created a fairytale, with Alice, a comic book , with Cyanide, an imagery driven wiki database, with Eternity, a corporate “spli-site” with EV Edition, and random artistic creations that are without limits. Only the imagination limits, Splinter.
    All splinterfaces, can be edited, in any way, by any user, which is only possible due to it using real-time still imagey in motion animation, called “splanime”. The images in motion are called splicons and can have any file, folder, or application dropped onto any of them so that when you click it, it opens what you wish.
    Splinter allows this to occur without interfering or trying to be more than a desktop interface. That is its primary function, to do what Explorer does , and so all of the abilities are built around this.
    And as all imagery is on the “bottom z-order”, every other window and folder open ABOVE everything that is within Splinter.
    Our personal opinions are that EV Edition and Eternity Edition are, by far the most fun to both, watch and interface with. Splinter is 100% free, and all splinterfaces created by us, Dark Matter Deployments, will always be, 100% free. An unlimited number of splinterface may be created and/or loaded into Splinter, at any time. Anyone is permitted to create a splinterface and sell it, keeping 100% of the sale, provided it is stored and marketed on darkmatterdeployments.com, for the sole purpose, of having splinterface database that will, eventually, hold thousands, or more, user/community/corporate/education/anyone created splinterfaces, allowing for someone to wish they could, interactively, experience whatever they think of, and eventually there being enough splinterfaces in the database, making this close to possible. It will evolve into the “star trek holodeck”, once the world’s technology can display imagery in that manner. Further, as any and every image can be hyperlinked to any web page, everything created within Splinter can be 100% protected by fair use, by providing a front end catalog for either more info on a wiki page or the intellectual property holder’s website.
    But with the first five or so splinterfaces that we created for the world, the user is able to click into a 1 with over 200 zeros afterward number of permutations they can have their desktop environment look/be.

    The below link jumps into Eternity Edition’s visual blast, showing the imagery within the wiki database , so far. But it can always, and in any way be added to, edited, or altered, by any one.


  2. Link to 100% free, Splinter Installer (we will upload the splinterfaces, this week)…


    Once installed, load from splinter folder in the start menu or in progfiles folder and a tasktray icon will appear. Create a new splinterface , then add a “page”(wallpaper), and then add a few triggers, all in that order. Right click a trigger and select splicon, enable the check box for splicons and then search for your image. once you pic one, you can drag it around screen and notice that the variables on the right side of the box are associated with where that splicons witll “END”/”FINISH”….adjust the sie of the left set of variables and see that the “starting” position, by default is int the top left corner and the pixel dimensions are 20,20… for best look , right click the desktop and select “view” and uncheck “show desktop icons”.

    Make that image open any way that you wish by setting the two locations to your desire, clicking okay, and then clicking the trigger that you initially right clicked to load the splicon and that is your first splanime….

    A very , very , rough, meant for a corporate entity and one person in particular, demo/walkthrough/tutorial of EV Edition.

  3. Arham Edition Splinter – shows the hotlinking ability of Splinter. More videos tomorrow, this is nothing

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