Skyrim PC, I’d say… delay for a month

I’ve been looking through all the Skyrim coverage for the PC version. My verdict: Wait a month for the mods, the texture replacement and seam-blending packs, the official DLC packs for the PC, for today’s special ‘Skyrim’ Nvidia drivers to get out of beta, and that all-important third or fourth official patch. Then we can play it in all its glory.

How to rig an iClone character in Carrara

Poser/DAZ stuff is fairly easily brought into iClone, but what if you wanted to go the other way? Wendy has a new video tutorial on taking iClone characters into DAZ Carrara (it’s DAZ Studio’s ‘big sister’ software), and rigging them there with the standard Victoria rig…

By doing this you could potentially get clips of your characters doing animations they wouldn’t be able to do in iClone, using the DAZ AniBlocks system. What would be interesting if we could then reliably take the iClone character back to iClone, with the new AniBlocks animations loaded onto as “Perform” actions, as an FBX export…?