Independent comic artist Jesus Orellana has decided to give away his entire animated cyberpunk sci-fi short, online. I expect he could have kept it restricted to just showing on the film festivals circuit, if he had wanted to. The $100-budget/one-year film — ROSA has now attracted the backing to turn it into a feature-length live-action movie.

5 thoughts on “ROSA

  1. Must admit, I don’t understand what you mean by “giving away his entire animated cyberpunk sci-fi short, online”? We are all doing the same thing every time we put some short on Youtube or Vimeo? Or I’m missing something?

  2. I mean that this is so good that he could keep it restricted only to the film-festival circuit, if he wanted to, and they don’t allow you to put it online…

  3. OK. I don’t think it is that good (too much visual attractiveness for my taste), and this is probably the reason I thought I missed something. Many movies are “giving away” itself after some initial festival circuit, because many festivals don’t accept movies older than year or two. So, after that time, lot of movies are dead if not online. But OK, I am entering in matter of personal tastes here, what is never smart thing to do.

  4. I think the first three minutes are excellent, in cutting, look, and the art direction. But then it devolves into a tedious gore and martial-arts fest – when it should have instead gone for emotionally-engaging science-fiction ideas and concepts. The director forgets that what producers want now is _worlds_, not simply pretty characters.

  5. Borrowind, thanks for the tip about where to abandon watching, since I have no interest in wrasslin’, kickin’, and bitin.’ Yes, I agree with you that the producers of this piece have really mastered cinematic storytelling. The production values–set design, scripting, direction, editing, art direction–are off the scale (although the walk animation timing was B+, not A). I sure would like to see this giant talent applied to something better.

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