Dreamworks dreams of real-time

Dreamworks CEO tells the world real-time movie animation is coming soon. Sooo… he’s getting iClone 5 for Christmas? Er, nope…

“DreamWorks is in the final year of a four-year partnership with Intel to develop authoring tools and visual technology that’s making the process real-time, which, he said, has always been the ‘holy grail’ in animation.”

“The research project is in its third year, but has never been revealed before.”

Rendering is expected to speed up by 50X faster than normal. Which, seeing as it takes a week to render 10 seconds, perhaps isn’t saying very much. But it’s an interesting revelation, and I do seem to remember reading that there was someting real-time going on with Nvidia and Weta for Tintin (awful movie, imho) — in which some of the backgrounds/distance parts were apparently ‘real-time rendered’ on huge banks of Nvidia graphics cards? Possibly using Octane or similar.