iClone 5 Pro for £90 (UK only)

iClone 5 Pro has just hit Amazon UK. It’s being offered for a mere £89.93 boxed, with free shipping from Amazon. To be released on 30th November 2011. That price sure beats the £154 that iClone 5 Pro would cost you at the regular download price ($199 plus 20% UK sales tax) at current $-£ exchange rates. Even with the current Christmas discount over at Reallusion, the UK Amazon price is still much better. Plus, you get it in a box! Mmmm… shiny! 😉

Note that Amazon UK have a pre-order price guarantee. So, if you’re in the UK and want what effectively seems to be a very heavily discounted iClone 5 Pro, I’d say… order now before they change their mind!


6 thoughts on “iClone 5 Pro for £90 (UK only)

  1. It comes with 3DXchange 4. I admit I’m not sure if that’s the Pro version of 3DXchange or not, but I’d assume it might be? Either way, you are then on an upgrade path for either 3DXchange 4 Pro or 3DXchange 5 (standard or Pro) when it comes out in early 2012.

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