Animation in Kenya

Excellent article in Variety on the Kenyan animation industry [Update: dead link. Try this one]. Kenya is in central Africa, but…

“Kenya’s animation industry began to blossom with a series of U.N.-sponsored training programs from 2004-2006, which brought Kenyan animators together with artists from around the world. Dubbed Africa Animated!, the initiative was created to enhance the ability of African animators to compete with the Western imports, which dominate children’s programming on African TV stations.”

Here’s the intro to the regular Tinga Tinga series they’re now providing to the BBC in the UK…


4 thoughts on “Animation in Kenya

  1. Sorry, this can’t be animation. /irony/ Where are the superheroes pounding the bad guys into the ground with their big fists? Where is the death and mayhem? OK, maybe no death and mayhem, but where is the angle to sell cheap plastic toys from China? These poor Africans will obviously never make great animation. This is much too gentle, happy, and commercial-free! ;={>

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