iClone strips off

Sen has just placed two nude G5 avatars on the Reallusion Marketplace, at a mere 200 points. She has found a way to remove the clothes in the new G5’s that ship with iClone 5, and has also taken off the “wearing shoes” default foot-tilt on these. Nice though the new official “Neighbours” pack looks, this is a much more affordable way of getting nude G5’s than spending $199…

Also new on the Marketplace and also quality, the “PR5MC Starter” (i.e.: Vit’s photo-realistic Casual Male G5), at the higher but still affordable price of 2,495 points. Vit has been working on his photo-realistic guys and textures for years, and this is his new G5 version for iClone 5…

Both can be found at the BigbossTreasures store in the Marketplace.


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