My free sketch effect for iClone 5 – as a project file

Here’s my free iClone project file, for the iClone 5 ‘pencil sketch’ render demo that I showed when iClone 5 was first released. The .zip also includes the step-by-step instructional, so you can see exactly what I tweaked to get this stylised look. Here’s the preview screen-capture — showing the ‘pencil sketch’ effect on the new G5 characters, plus in the background you can see the effect on a completely ‘untweaked’ standard Benny character. Older props with poor or muddy textures don’t tend to do well, and you may get the “bubbling mud” effect on some types of complex or muddy/fuzzy textures. Hair fringing is an problem with this method, so try a variety of your hair content until you find one that works best.

Download here (17Mb)