A new real-time 3D renderer… Lumion3D, albeit painfully expensive at just under $1,000 because it’s aimed at architects. Lumion 2.0 is apparently due out ‘any day now’. Still, even though it’s expensive it adds to the very slim pile of genuine real-time rendering software — so it seems worth mentioning here…

“Lumion uses real-time 3D technology for rendering. This amazing technology of Lumion renders images in a fraction of a second.”

The user interface is also GPU-accelerated (i.e.: takes advantage of your PC’s gaming graphics card). A 3D World review of Lumion 1.0 said it “does still need a little work” but was “Very easy to learn”. Although it also reported that the software was clunky for character animation.

Possibly Lumion might be most useful for speedily rendering a background image for iClone, with a higher quality than iClone, to then use as a 2D backdrop in iClone. Lumion’s dynamic clouds, water, sun-direction, god-rays, and shadows do look very nice, even in Lumion version 1.0…


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  1. A very nice engine and seems to be incredibly easy to use. The terrain building features are great too. Very nice look to it… which you would expect for the price.

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