Machinima tops 1.11 billion views a month on YouTube

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Machinima, the top YouTube channel, had 1.11 billion video views during November 2011. Yup, billion.


7 thoughts on “Machinima tops 1.11 billion views a month on YouTube

  1. Some it will be game trailers, of course. I expect the Skyrim trailer has accounted for a good 50 million views on its own 😉 Still, it is effectively a piece of machinima.

  2. When our kids were small we visited Blobbyland… a theme park which had been hastily erected to cash in on the fleeting popularity of a TV character. I have never forgotten the experience… watching a pink-suited man sprint for his life pursued by screaming hordes of children. As he gasped past we saw that both his arms had been gaffer taped on, and has the urchins swung from any parts of his body which were available to them, we could see how the repeated repairs had become necessary. Later, we walked past Mr Blobby’s house. The door swung open, we guessed he had forgotten to close it as he attempted to sprint past his fans unseen. The swinging door revealed a clothes rail, several pink suits, every one scarred and repaired with yards of gaffer tape. Each time I see the Chairman of interviewed, the more he seems to take on the demeanor of that desperately running actor in a pink spotty foam-suit. “Our global audience of millions of highly engaged young males” Maybe we should send him some gaffer tape for Christmas. Some jobs just ain’t worth the money.

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