Animation for regional dialect preservation

A cool idea to make minority tribal languages and obscure regional dialects popular again. Use the power of animation and humour by dubbing those classic old Tom & Jerry episodes into the language…

“I wanted to find out what was the most viewed Tom and Jerry short on YouTube tonight, and it turned out to be Salt Water Tabby with 24.4 million views. But this is no ordinary copy of the short; it has a completely new dialogue track in a Moroccan Arabic dialect by Bouchana Abdelilah. By comparison, the non-Arabic version (i.e. the boring original) of Salt Water Tabby has a mere 346,000 views.”

Speaking of laugh-out-loud humour in animation, I’m pleased to say that the movie Arthur Christmas is really excellent on many levels, including being very funny — although it’s uncompromisingly British and so some Americans may need subtitles. It’s nice to know that 2011 had at least one really outstanding animation feature film.