Silent Movies Animation Challenge

My home city of Birmingham, England, is challenging animators to bring to life a unique collection of silent movie scores. The scores have been recorded by the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. The Silent Movies Animation Challenge ask animators to create a short animation that…

* resonates with the music and the era

* has a flavour of a city that has ‘rediscovered’ musical treasure in its archives

* uses the word Birmingham or includes an image of the city

Deadline: 10th April 2012. Entries should be sent as a .mov file via Dropbox to:

The Swarm

The Swarm is a new British 9-minute horror movie filmed entirely on camera phones (Sony’s Xperia “Arc S” phones, to be exact) in four days. Adult material warning: the plot is… “horny young teens in London come face to face with an otherworldly terror.”

Shadowy Bush

Adorable British popist Kate Bush has a lovely new shadow-puppet animation, for a track from her new album…

No mention of who the animator is, so I’m guessing she made this herself?

Wiggle 3D

The New York Public Library has a great new online showcase of what’s called “wiggle stereoscopy”. It sounds like an operation your cat has at the vets, but it lets you view a 3D scene in a web browser without needing special glasses. I’d love to see a tutorial in how to make these with iClone’s 3D capabilities, with the minimum wiggle for the maximum 3D effect…

Above: animated GIF.


Hitfilm, the affordable and well-reviewed “After Effects for the rest of us” special FX software, is 20% off this weekend. Review.

And the people behind the software have just released a two-minute micro-budget cyberpunk film to showcase the lift that the software can give to even a basic production…

Monthy Python team reunite for SF animation

Cool breaking news, just in. The famous Monty Python team — Terry Gilliam, John Cleese and Michael Palin — will reportedly be using their vocal talents to voice a gang of extra-terrestrials in a new animated science fiction farce movie, Absolutely Anything. The film will be directed by Terry Jones. Eric Idle has also been approached.

Another four Wolf & Dulci Hour shows, as downloads

Another month of great iClone podcast shows has arrived! The four most recent Wolf & Dulci Hour shows are now available as downloads

Very cool suggestion from Wolf in the first episode of 2012. Have 3DXchange 5 do easy rigging of characters models, using the iClone human skeleton system. That, and polygon reduction, would definitely have me swiftly paying $100 for an upgrade from my current version 4 Pro.