Silent Movies Animation Challenge

My home city of Birmingham, England, is challenging animators to bring to life a unique collection of silent movie scores. The scores have been recorded by the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. The Silent Movies Animation Challenge ask animators to create a short animation that…

* resonates with the music and the era

* has a flavour of a city that has ‘rediscovered’ musical treasure in its archives

* uses the word Birmingham or includes an image of the city

Deadline: 10th April 2012. Entries should be sent as a .mov file via Dropbox to:


The Swarm

The Swarm is a new British 9-minute horror movie filmed entirely on camera phones (Sony’s Xperia “Arc S” phones, to be exact) in four days. Adult material warning: the plot is… “horny young teens in London come face to face with an otherworldly terror.”


Real-time animation hits the Super Bowl

This year’s Super Bowl

“will not only have millions of people cheering, but with some animation magic from Coca Cola, animated polar bears will watch and react to the game in real-time.”


Shadowy Bush

Adorable British popist Kate Bush has a lovely new shadow-puppet animation, for a track from her new album…

No mention of who the animator is, so I’m guessing she made this herself?


Virtual Worlds education conference calls for machinima movies

The March 2012 conference Virtual Worlds: Best Practices in Education is calling for machinima animations, to showcase to educationalists at the conference. Deadline: 15th Feb 2012. Lots of categories, including “Teen”.




“a short film (usually less than 3 minutes in length) that treats a great contemporary poem as a script.”


Wiggle 3D

The New York Public Library has a great new online showcase of what’s called “wiggle stereoscopy”. It sounds like an operation your cat has at the vets, but it lets you view a 3D scene in a web browser without needing special glasses. I’d love to see a tutorial in how to make these with iClone’s 3D capabilities, with the minimum wiggle for the maximum 3D effect…

Above: animated GIF.


John Carter from 1936

Footage from an animated John Carter: Warlord of Mars (1936), which was sadly deemed “too weird” by the studios and never made it beyond a lot of test clips. But it could have beaten Disney’s Snow White to be the first animated feature-film…



Hitfilm, the affordable and well-reviewed “After Effects for the rest of us” special FX software, is 20% off this weekend. Review.

And the people behind the software have just released a two-minute micro-budget cyberpunk film to showcase the lift that the software can give to even a basic production…


Moveable eyes for CrazyTalk characters

A newly posted tutorial on how to make a CrazyTalk Animator character have moveable eyes. Possibly we’ve had this before, but this one looks a little different to the old one. Perhaps it’s an update of the older tutorial?


Monthy Python team reunite for SF animation

Cool breaking news, just in. The famous Monty Python team — Terry Gilliam, John Cleese and Michael Palin — will reportedly be using their vocal talents to voice a gang of extra-terrestrials in a new animated science fiction farce movie, Absolutely Anything. The film will be directed by Terry Jones. Eric Idle has also been approached.


Getting curvy with Google SketchUp

Want to get all curvy and organic in Google SketchUp? The official SketchUp blog has a long tutorial post, showing you how to do that, using a new beta plugin for the free 3D modelling software.


Teaching Carrots to Fly

“Teaching Carrots to Fly”, a new CTA-style cut-out animation…


Toon girl for CTA

A new Beano-style CrazyTalk Animator toon girl character from Kurzal, in the iClone Marketplace (search “Kurzal” in the CTA section) now, for just 210 points…


SF London poster competition

Sci-Fi London 2012 (May 2012) Poster Competition

“The theme to work to is Future Games, referencing the London Olympic year. This should provide you with much scope for outlandish or even perfectly feasible ideas. Deadline Monday 13th February 2012.”


Wolf with animations

Freebie ultra low-poly wolf for iClone 5, converted by me from a free game model by DennisH2010. Just 1,569 polys, and a running animation, so you could have a pack of 80 these running in the distance. It might work especially well in silhouette.

Download here

Above: seen in iClone.


Another four Wolf & Dulci Hour shows, as downloads

Another month of great iClone podcast shows has arrived! The four most recent Wolf & Dulci Hour shows are now available as downloads

Very cool suggestion from Wolf in the first episode of 2012. Have 3DXchange 5 do easy rigging of characters models, using the iClone human skeleton system. That, and polygon reduction, would definitely have me swiftly paying $100 for an upgrade from my current version 4 Pro.