Blender octopus

Lovely photorealistic Octopus, from Sweden’s Arvid Rudling. Sadly it’s 250,000 polys, which encouraged me to try to find the decimator tool in Blender for the first time (apparently there is one). But the hideously baffling Blender interface defeated me in even finding it, even with the aid of several tutorials on the topic. I can use 3DS Max, Poser/DAZ, Meshlab, and other complex 3D software — but Blender has the most impossible, cryptic and illogical interface of any software I’ve ever used. Even if you can see what you’re meant to be doing, in tutorials, getting your interface to that ideal state from what you have on your screen seems to require utterly arcane knowledge built up over years, involving a host of (unexplained) steps to wrangle and change the interface. Even with the recent changes, Blender is still a case-study in unusability — unless you are prepared to spend three years learning it every day. I’m not. Is it any wonder that — despite being free — Blender can’t get any traction against the likes of Maya, Lightwave, and 3DS Max?

Anyway… the Octopus has a simple old-school ‘armature’ rig, and so converts to an FBX in a way that 3DXchange can handle. The model is there if you want it, although you do now need to register before you can use Blendswap.

The sooner we can do poly-reduction of an FBX inside 3DXchange 5, the better, in my opinion.