Dragon leads character stampede for Reallusion

Kurzal has a super new Black Dragon ‘toon dragon’ character for CrazyTalk Animator, complete with excellent facial and body motions…

For some reason Kurzal’s items don’t show up in the “What’s New” on the CrazyTalk Marketplace. But if you type “Kurzal” into the search box, you’ll find his content. His Black Dragon is a steal at a mere 212 points. While you’re there, you’ll also see that Kurzal has three nice new “retro” 1950s-style versions of his office characters that would be fab for webcomics. I bought all of Kurzal’s new characters, and still had change from 900 points.

Reallusion is also in on the toon animals stampede, with the official Content Store now having $20-each ported versions of three DAZ Cartoon Universe characters, for iClone. They are non-standard characters and come with poses, not motions. They’re pretty good value compared to buying from DAZ and converting yourself. For instance, the Giraffe + poses pack would currently cost $32 on DAZ.

Meanwhile, over on the iClone Marketplace, the folks of the recent official Chuck & The Neighbours character pack are now available as individual characters — and these are bundled with their motions — for a reasonable 3,400 points each.


3 thoughts on “Dragon leads character stampede for Reallusion

  1. Thanks for the mentions! I do not like to be in debt 🙂 Select any of my models (2D or 3D), and I’ll send it to you as my thanks for your kind words. My e-mail: kurzal | gmail.com

    • Easy 🙂 Just drop me a letter (e-mail or via RL forum) and I’ll send you a link for download.
      And thanks again! 🙂

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