New Muvizu version out today – add toon shaders

A new version of the free real-time animation software Muvizu trots out of the gate today. Muvizu v0.19b is available for download now, and has fab new bits such as…

* multiple audio tracks

* toon shaders (!)

* the Morpheme animation system has been tweaked to improve animation blending

* characters “can now be customised with some visual effects”


3 thoughts on “New Muvizu version out today – add toon shaders

  1. The state of Muvizu looks great and keeps adding new great features. All except for being able to use props. They’ve danced around that one for a while now. Strange that.

  2. But there remains a problem with Muvizu: the characters have all inherited a combination of severe Down’s Syndrome compounded with fetal alcohol syndrome. What part of this doesn’t make a pleasant experience for the viewer don’t they understand?

  3. Ahh Mitch, I don’t think so. I like their look! I just can’t stand the lack of props… for holding in the hands of characters. Get some props that characters can hold, Muvizu!

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