500,000 post views for MyClone

Fab! MyClone’s stats are currently at 499,787 post views. So the total should be ticking over the 500,000 mark by noon today. That’s a clear 250,000 post views per year, when spread over the two years (the blog began on 27th Jan 2010). The current daily viewership usually more than tops 1,000 post views per day, which means a further 400,000 post views are likely for 2012. But it would be really nice to top the 1,000,000 mark by Christmas 2012, so please spread the word!

4 thoughts on “500,000 post views for MyClone

  1. WOW – 1,000 a day… I know people who would love to have that number of hits… It is well deserved though, you run a quality site. It is usually my first stop of the day…

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