New official video tutorials for iClone 5 physics

Two new official video iClone 5 tutorials from Reallusion…

1) “Introduction to the Physics Constraint in iClone 5”:

2) “Physics State Keys”:

“Before iClone v5.1, physics objects were restricted to a single physics state for the duration of the project. Now you have the power to make states changes to physics objects by using key frames. For example, you can take a moving car with a kinematic state and switch it to a dynamic state at a certain point to cause the object to roll forward on pure momentum. Physics State keys are stored in a dedicated timeline track for further editing.”


One thought on “New official video tutorials for iClone 5 physics

  1. I can’t believe how far iClone has come… Right now I am making a movie entirely in iClone, the first five minute episode (of 12 episodes). A movie that I had already started in MotionBuilder, but I will now remake all the scenes. iClone is now something like MotionBuilder – with lipsync, Sims and GarryMod all in one. The physics stuff is my ‘point of no return’. This, on top of the Stuckon’s tutorials, and this blog = “bye, bye MotionBuilder”!

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