Realm Pictures using iClone for pre-vis

A cool behind-the-scenes look at how a Production Designer is using iClone for pre-visualisation, as part of a large-budget movie from Realm Pictures in the UK…

They’re currently learning the software and populating the content library, but promise more video updates over the next few weeks.


3 thoughts on “Realm Pictures using iClone for pre-vis

  1. Pre-vis in iClone is going to catch on more and more. Especially after the new 3DXchange 5 comes out. Giving you the power bring your character into iClone, animate it using the Kinect and use all the the other powerful animation tools, and then export the motions to your fav 3D software for super high-quality renders. The future of iClone looks very bright! 😉

  2. That sounds like a great new feature. Personally I would also like to see a good built-in poly-reduction tool in 3DXchange 5, so that FBX files can be poly-reduced.

  3. They forgot to mention the cost of the software, that it’s “cheap and easy to use.” But this tells me that iClone is stepping up into the professional world!!!

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