Animating for Risen 2

A cool look behind the scenes at animating for a videogame. Namely Risen 2 (24th April), the sequel to the awesomely good Risen — which on the PC was one of the few recent games that has kept my attention right through to the finish of the story.

No plot spoilers in the video, other than your hero is on a pirate island, and that there are three types of people also there…


DAZ gives away the $430 DAZ Studio 4 Pro, free!

DAZ is currently giving away a suite of software worth over $1000. Free, and seemingly not time-bombed. It includes:

* DAZ Studio 4 Pro [see 3D World‘s recent review of Pro for what’s included] + its $199 3D Bridge for Photoshop + GoZ for Daz Studio [a bridge to 3D sculpting tool ZBrush].

* DAZ’s landscapes creation software Bryce 7 Pro + content + pro materials pack.

* DAZ’s likable 3D modelling package Hexagon in its latest version.

The offer is apparently very time limited, and may be expiring as you read this — so grab it now if you want them. Here’s a screenshot, as proof it’s a real offer…

Note that despite what the purchase page says about 3D Bridge for Photoshop only working with DAZ Studio 3, once you get to the actual downloads you have a choice for the 3D Bridge for Photoshop for either DAZ Studio 3 or 4.

Also note that the Pro version of Studio ships with the FBX exporter, making it suitable for exporting some lower-poly DAZ characters to iClone via FBX and 3DXchange 4 Pro. What you won’t get is a Decimator (poly reduction) plugin that enables the DAZ content to be made useful in iClone — that only comes with the $100 Game Developer Kit addon. Also note that DAZ Studio 4 Pro’s Content Library system is still a nightmare to use with large content libraries.

Oh, and don’t forget to grab the serial numbers, as well as the installation and content files!

  [ Hat-tip: Mitch Gould ]