The “I Win!” button for video editing

Oh, that so tedious chore of editing your movie. Wouldn’t it be great it the job could be done by a bot? Magisto to the rescue. It claims to be able to “automatically turns plain videos into beautifully edited and produced movies”. Yep, it has an “I Win!” button. Now if only there was another bot to nurse the uploading of ten hours of raw HD footage to the Magisto servers…


3 thoughts on “The “I Win!” button for video editing

  1. Well, all that’s left to discover is a button marked: “This bed is so soft, I don’t want to get up, make a movie instead me, make me a pancake later, ask girl from second floor to go out with me, win a festival or two”. Sometimes I feel that this civilisation can celebrate the fact that I am not the Master Sheriff in universe. Big, rusty space ship with lots of weapons, without sign “to protect and serve”. “To search and destroy lazy film makers” sounds better. 🙂

  2. If you ask me the future is a bit “Meh”, based on this! I want to know that I did something creative .. not a computer.

  3. This is only good if you want to put a vacation video, together not a film. There is no software replacement for a good editor/film maker. Just like there is no software replacement for a good 3D artist/director. Softwares are just tools for the artist, not artists themselves 😉

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