3Dfoin’s iClone Creatures Pack 2 – out now

Videogame developer 3Dfoin obviously had success with his recent iClone Creature Pack, so he’s released another one. iClone Creatures Pack 2 is available only on his site, at $39 for this week only (after the 27th Feb, normal price will be $74). These look superb, come with really “pro” animations, and the quality textures seem able to stand close-up shots (see screenshots) which is a refreshing change from the blurry “pea soup” textures we see on some iClone characters…

There would seem to be two drawbacks. Lack of facial rigging able to accept iClone facial puppetering / the inability to accept standard iClone motions. And 3Dfoin’s terms-of-use in the licence…

On the one hand, his terms of use say: “you are not permitted to market, distribute, give, transfer, sell or sublicense the product in any format with the exception of video games”.

On the other hand, he says: “The products may be used royalty free: For advertising or promotional use; For personal or commercial use; In books, magazines, multimedia, video games or animation.”

That’s confusing. But perhaps the first applies to the actual delivered file content, and the second applies to uniquely lit and posed renders of that content (allowing you to use them in comics etc)? But even so, there’s a worrying lack of clarity in the license.