iClone Creature Pack 2 – real-world goblin render

Here’s a quick real-world render that I made with 3Dfoin’s new iClone Creature Pack 2

Click on the picture for the full-size render.

You can see the level of detail in the luscious textures. You may want to tone down the Specularity / Gloss on some parts (a common problem with FBX imports to iClone). I found that doing so brought some details back into the goblin’s hair, for instance. The Goblin’s texture map is 2048px, and comes with an alternative blue version for night scenes.

There is no facial rigging / iClone skeleton rigging — you’re reliant on the packaged motions. 3Dfoin could make even more sales on these, if only he could provide a version of the more human characters (such as the Goblin) with rigged body/faces which can accept standard iClone motions and face puppeteering.


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