H.P. Lovecraft figure for $13

A 3D ‘virtual’ H.P. Lovecraft figure is available for just $13 from Meshbox. Might be useful for comic artists who want to use it with iClone for making quick accurate figure-reference images. It was meant for Poser/DAZ, but is low-poly. In Poser you get partial facial control…

Poser Dials: Eyes Up-Down
Poser Dials: Eyes Side-Side
Poser Dials: Mouth – Open/Close
Poser Dials: Smile
Poser Dials: Frown
Poser Dials: Age
Poser Dials: Eyes Open/Close

It loads fine in DAZ Studio, once you tell DAZ where to find the textures as it loads. The figure accepts most DAZ aniMate and aniMate+ figure animation/poses, including typing and writing with a pen (although the latter badly distorts the fingers). The facial animation possibilities in DAZ are sadly more limited than Poser, with only the eyes able to move.

The figure can be exported from DAZ to iClone, for real-time animation and posing, via FBX and 3DXchange 4 Pro. Once it’s in iClone, the eyes can still be moved, via Motion Edit. Here’s a real-time render I made in ten minutes in iClone…

Click on the picture to see the large version.

The facial modelling is accurate, and the textures are adequate. But there’s something about the lines of the face, which means it looks very waxen and ‘mask-like’ once the picture is shrunk to below about 1000px.

(Both these pictures are Creative Commons. The Colour one is CC Attribution. The Sketch one is CC Attribution Non-Commercial.)


5 thoughts on “H.P. Lovecraft figure for $13

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  2. Pretty good model! Chin isn’t quite large enough, but everything else looks great. Thanks for the tip!

    P.S. I like the new blog design.

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