Blender updates – better game engine, Second Life exports

A new version of the traditional-but-free 3D software Blender is out. Blender version 2.62, reportly brings…

“notable improvements to the Blender Game Engine” […] “The game engine user interface was polished, editing text objects in the user interface and through the python API has been made easier, full screen and antialiased rendering has been improved, along with various other changes.”

And also of possible interest to Second Life film makers…

“A Second Life compatibility option was added for exporting armatures” [armatures are the basic character-rigging skeletons used in Blender]


One thought on “Blender updates – better game engine, Second Life exports

  1. It’s also worth noting that with the work being done on Blender/Kinect integration (using NI Mate or OSCeleton) Blender could really become a Machinima-making powerhouse in the next year or two.

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