Mothhead, new showcase art-game for Unity 3.5

It’s always good to see another art-game come along. The art-game for 2012 looks like being Peter Konig’s Mothhead which is due to premiere at GDC in early March. It’s been made with the free / open-source Unity game-engine — the same powerful real-time engine that iClone is rumoured to be going to link up a production pipeline to in 2012. Konig was the lead sculptor / monster-designer on 2011’s pre-production visualization sessions for H.P. Lovecraft’s At The Mountains of Madness, and has teamed up with Massive Black to make his game…

“Based on the eerie mixed-media sculptures of Hollywood maquette maker and concept artist Peter Konig, Mothhead is an art game that defies easy categorization. Made in collaboration with Unity, creators of the artist-friendly Unity 3D game-engine, Mothhead stars an unlikely hero — a bizarre, alien-like creature with a moth for a head.”

Games Radar has a preview profile of Mothhead and its team, and also an interview.

Mothhead will be able to take advantage of the graphical goodies in Unity 3.5 (now in public beta, and looking like it’s kicked Blender’s game-engine into oblivion), such as…

* a new Particle System.

* “high-performance automated path-finding and crowd simulation for characters”

* “new linear space (gamma correct) lighting and HDR rendering”

* “brand new multi-threaded renderer”

* Google Chrome Native Client deployment (play the game in real-time, in your Web browser, without plugins)

All of which may (hopefully) become available to iClone users to render their scenes in, before too long?