Poser OpenGL real-time render test

Update: I now have a dedicated Poser Pro blog!

A quick real-time OpenGL test with Poser Pro 2012:

Subject ~ DAZ Enchanted Forest scene, with its Dappled Light preset and one character added. No shadow under the character, as he was just hastily plonked into the scene.

Size ~ All done at a viewport size of 1171 x 938px.

Graphics card ~ an old Nvidia GeForce 9600.

1. Instant, genuine real-time. Below is a screenshot of the OpenGL preview in the Poser Pro 2012 Viewport, with all Preview settings at max. The Viewport was a little sluggish (probably due to the size of the scene…), but was acceptable to work with for scene composition. Note that there are “jaggies” on certain small parts of the picture. “Jaggies” seem to especially affect characters and clothing. But, despite this, one could certainly use such a screenshot of the real-time viewport as a 2D iClone backdrop…

If you were using Poser’s OpenGL real-time view to make a quick 2D backdrop for iClone, without characters in the scene, then jaggies would likely not be a problem once your film hits the video compression stage.

2. 26 seconds. OpenGL preview as before… but this time rendered out to a file. Again, with all preview settings at max. This is essentially the same as the real-time preview, but slightly darker and it gets rid of the jaggies and does so consistently and smoothly. Adding this anti-aliasing is presumably what adds 25 seconds to the render time…

3. Six minutes. Rendered ‘properly’ in Poser’s Firefly renderer, which was set three steps up from the most basic Auto settings, and with displacement maps deselected. The picture now has lovely shadows and play of light, although the ferns have lost all leaf-detail and become rather muddy…

By comparison, here’s the same scene + lighting preset, seen in DAZ Studio 3’s OpenGL real-time preview render…

This would seem to confirm the review quoted in my previous post, saying that Poser 9 / Poser Pro 2012’s OpenGL real-time renderer is clearly of a better quality than that of DAZ Studio. However, the rider to that is that DAZ is able to display in genuine real-time with the jaggies beautifully smoothed out (although you wouldn’t know it from the above picture), but Poser can’t yet do this. But… if you can stand to wait 30 seconds or so for a render, then Poser will now give you a superior OpenGL picture than you would get from DAZ. I also made some character renders that confirmed this point.

New! I now have a dedicated Poser and DAZ blog!