3 thoughts on “Cry, Vue users…

  1. You gotta ease up on Vue, man. 🙂

    The CryEngine looks great, no question. But would it hold up on the big screen in a feature film? Not a chance. I use Vue every day. Yeah, the rendering remains slow. But for generating ultra-realistic fully vegetated landscapes for matte paintings, there really is no better choice.

  2. I don’t doubt its high-end versions still have a place in feature films, and possibly also in ‘space art’ stills. But I think the hobby users who are only making 1920px stills to show online might start to consider if there are less laborious and time-consuming ways of creating pictures of beautiful natural landscapes.

  3. Always exciting to see real time render advances. For me a world without Vue would be a day without sunshine… i.e. paycheck but if any real time engine actually rivals it then I’ll switch in a heartbeat as long the check writers say its ok.

    Waiting on a render is a fact of life for me with many tools, but real time is spoiling my attitude towards it.

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