Deep Ones

The current free CG Arena magazine (Feb-Mar 2012) has a lead ZBrush tutorial, on sculpting a 3D Deep One from the mythos of H.P. Lovecraft. It’s not a “for beginners” tutorial, but if you’ve put some time into playing with ZBrush or watching the excellent intro tutorial to it, then this might be useful…

TheHunter for screenshots – how to get the digital camera

The wonderful free ‘landscape free-roaming’ / wildlife photography / animal hunting videogame The Hunter has just added a nice wooden bow (paid version only) and new animal AI.

Here’s how to get the clearest view of the game world, for taking screenshots with FRAPS, to use in machinima. The main thing you need is to get the digital camera in your hand, although it’s difficult for a newbie to figure out how to get this on the screen. This is how you do it. First load the game. Then in the equipment inventory options do this…

Now you can press “3” when in the game-world, to get the digital camera. Then you can capture video backgrounds and stills with FRAPS without having a massive rifle or the huge GPS unit in the way. Remove the digital camera with the Photoshop clone brush, or by cropping the video.

TheHunter‘s digital camera in action (seen lower right).