Friday Funny: “It’s a wheel!”

DJ/artist re-invents iClone…

“This is a basic demonstration of an upcoming product I’m working on. I like to call it “Live Animation” in that you animate in real time with no delays on previewing the work. You can scroll to any point in the animation, start recording, and make changes. Those changes will be shown and recorded in real-time.”

Free physics bot from Reallusion

A video preview of a little bot that’s a freebie for the new iClone Physics Toolbox…

It’s a ‘Monthly Newsletter Freebie’ for all, and comes as a project file. You’ll need the new 5.13 patch installed for iClone, and the robot runs without needing the Physics Toolbox installed.

$5,000 Magnify Competition

$5,000 Magnify Competition, to discover snazzy new and superb approaches to publishing on colour tablet devices — such as the Kindle Fire and the iPad. One of the categories is…

“COMIC BOOKS: graphic novels, comic books, illustrated storytelling”

Which could possibly include some motion comic-y goodness, a la CrazyTalk Animator.

Also “MUSIC & MOVIE: bands, filmmakers…” and “SELF-PROMOTION” which might be able to accept some iClone entries.

Deadline: 1st June 2012.

Justice for Hire and CrazyTalk

I must have missed this one. From summer 2011, a mini-interview with Zach Shelton, creator of the motion comic Justice for Hire, on how using CrazyTalk enabled them to meet their deadlines…

A much lengthier podcast on the “making of…” this motion-comic has just been posted as Talksplode #51 – Justice For Hire and includes some additional chat with John Martin at Reallusion.

In Search of the Lost Ark

Newly posted, the impressive “In Search of the Lost Ark”, made in iClone by Norte 43. Despite the title, it’s more Frodo Baggins than Indiana Jones. He’s used the LoTR music for the first part, so see it quick before the soundtrack gets blanked by YouTube…

Physics Toolbox pack – now available

A new official video of the just-released iClone 5.13 Plug-in Physics Toolbox pack…

Also detailed videos that explain the features of this new pack…

Above: Getting Started with the Physics Toolbox.

Physics Toolbox – the User Interface

Physics Toolbox – Using the Sliders

Physics Toolbox – Get the Motors Running

Physics Toolbox – Working with Springs

Physics Toolbox – Transforms