48 Hour Film Competition

A new 48 Hour Film Competition

“The 48 Hour Film Project comes to machinima on the weekend of 30th March 2012. Filmmakers from all over will compete to see who can make the best 3-5 minute short film in only 48 hours. The winning film will take home a cash prize of $3,000 [AUD?] and go up against films from around the world for the title of “Best 48 Hour Film of 2012. Enter today! Space is limited.”

  [ Hat-tip: Dulci ]

Lovecraft’s typewriter in 3D

I recently featured a handy 3D figure of H.P. Lovecraft for Poser/DAZ. If you needed a typewriter to go with him, of near-enough the very model Lovecraft actually used (which was a 1906 Remington, not the model’s Emperial), then I found this antique typewriter in the standard 3D format of OBJ. Only $7 from Content Paradise (the Poser content store), it’s the usual royalty-free Poser/DAZ licence, and it comes with a selection of hi-res textures — including a cool “battered” look…

Tanks for the freebies

The chemical tanks scene from Giants in the Earth episode 7, as an iClone project file freebie. Reduced by me with Meshlab, from 700,000 polys to just 50k…

Click on the picture to see the large version.

Download here. Creative Commons Attribution.

Giants in the Earth

Huge new episodic Blender movie, made to look like machinima, called Giants in the Earth. Can you blend Thor‘s Norse myth with Transformers? These guys are obviously having a lot of wild film-making fun trying to find out. Here’s the latest episode…

Looks great, but a copy of Hitfilm could be useful for improving the FX.

iClone at GDC 2012

Here’s iClone‘s official presentation video for the major GDC 2012 event. Including a glimpse of 3DXchange 5’s Bone Mapping (at 2:37). Also a look at the pipeline for taking an iClone character into the free Unity game-engine with animations (from 2:45).

I’d guess it’s possible that use in a commercial Unity game might require a payment by the game developers to Reallusion, since the actual models and animation files would effectively be being redistributed? Perhaps an arrangement along the lines of Muvizu’s sensible approach to commercial use, asking for payment only once substantial money has actually been made?