Announcing: the new MyClone Poser & Daz Studio blog!

I’m bowled over by how good Poser 9 / Poser Pro 2012 is. Regular readers may remember that I was a long-time Poser user, but I gave it up when Poser lost its way. Now, Poser has finally got me back again. Not that I’m giving up on iClone or MyClone, so don’t worry. I still think Reallusion has the best 3D software for simply “not getting in the way of your creativity”. But, rather than clutter up MyClone with Poser/DAZ stuff in future, I’ve started a completely new blog just for Poser/DAZ users. It’s still a bit rough around the edges, but I do hope to be updating it daily as I re-learn Poser and catch up on plugins and content. Enjoy.

The Smuffs

The Smuffs, a super little Smurfs parody made in an excellent mix of iClone (Jimmy Toon mods), popVideo green-screen and HD live-action video. View on YouTube and click the CC button to get the English subtitles…

Quizza figure for iClone

If you’d like to help me find the cost of the 3DXchange 5 upgrade, don’t forget iClone Alley’s Quizza figure. Quizza is a unique iClone character, made exclusively for the MyClone blog. She can accept all your iClone motions, her uniform is glow-mapped, and her face can be fully animated just like other iClone 4 characters.

Donate just $3 to MyClone by PayPal, and you’ll get this exclusive sci-fi/comic-book character as a “thank you!”…

$3 by PayPal

Click on the pictures above for bigger versions. Backdrops not included.

She’s glow-mapped, as you can see here…

CryEngine 3 Free Use

CryEngine 3 Free Use

“Anyone can now download a full version of the best All-In-One Game Development Engine, for free and use it without charge for non-commercial game development.”

If 3DXchange 5 can export complete iClone scenes with animations — not just individual characters and individual props — into a standard single FBX, then I guess they’ll then be able to be loaded with any free game engine, not just Unity. Imagine rendering an iClone scene in CryEngine 3…

“Unity, Unreal, Autodesk and more [my emphasis] software users can import, characterize and animate their characters in real-time with the iClone Animation Pipeline. Create and export actors as custom FBX game-characters and performances using the trio of products included in the iClone Animation Pipeline: iClone5, Mocap Plugin & 3DXchange5. The iClone Animation Pipeline also provides a content solution for game developers with access to Reallusion’s real-time content store of game optimized models including many pre-made and fully customizable thematic character designs, accessories and scene props.”


SIGGRAPH 2012 is seeking Real-Time Live! demos run on game engines and similar…

“All content that is interactively controlled and rendered in real-time will be considered. Submissions must be able to be demonstrated in front of a live audience.”

Their Computer Animation Festival is also calling for entries in Computer Animation Shorts and Student Projects. Deadline: 9th April 2012.