CryEngine 3 Free Use

CryEngine 3 Free Use

“Anyone can now download a full version of the best All-In-One Game Development Engine, for free and use it without charge for non-commercial game development.”

If 3DXchange 5 can export complete iClone scenes with animations — not just individual characters and individual props — into a standard single FBX, then I guess they’ll then be able to be loaded with any free game engine, not just Unity. Imagine rendering an iClone scene in CryEngine 3…

“Unity, Unreal, Autodesk and more [my emphasis] software users can import, characterize and animate their characters in real-time with the iClone Animation Pipeline. Create and export actors as custom FBX game-characters and performances using the trio of products included in the iClone Animation Pipeline: iClone5, Mocap Plugin & 3DXchange5. The iClone Animation Pipeline also provides a content solution for game developers with access to Reallusion’s real-time content store of game optimized models including many pre-made and fully customizable thematic character designs, accessories and scene props.”


8 thoughts on “CryEngine 3 Free Use

  1. I’ll be at GDC this year, I’ll have more answers for you by Friday regarding the 3DXchange 5 pipeline. 😉


    • I don’t think RL will have any booth babes. Unless you think John Martin is one. LOL 😛

      PS: I already know the answer to your question regarding the export, I just need to wait until Friday, to see how much more RL is going to disclose about 3DXchange 5. And of course to get their permission. 😉

      • pps: I’ll be taking some video footage and posting the link here as well, of some of the shows cool techs – as well as RL’s one of course! 😉

  2. Reallusion was kind enough to invite me to GDC this year, but a previous commitment kept me from being able to attend. What’s coming down the road is amazing. It just keeps getting better! 3DXchange 5 is much anticipated, and yet just one part of iClone’s amazing future. Lots of great 3D artists are looking to leap into iClone. Great time to be in machinima. Certainly do wish I could have attended.

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