Quizza figure for iClone

If you’d like to help me find the cost of the 3DXchange 5 upgrade, don’t forget iClone Alley’s Quizza figure. Quizza is a unique iClone character, made exclusively for the MyClone blog. She can accept all your iClone motions, her uniform is glow-mapped, and her face can be fully animated just like other iClone 4 characters.

Donate just $3 to MyClone by PayPal, and you’ll get this exclusive sci-fi/comic-book character as a “thank you!”…

$3 by PayPal

Click on the pictures above for bigger versions. Backdrops not included.

She’s glow-mapped, as you can see here…


5 thoughts on “Quizza figure for iClone

    • Cool, thanks…so she is originally the base model of the iClone 4 female? (I forget her exact name now). 🙂

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