Another Collada conversion test, examining texture fringing on plants. Poser-only ‘dandylion’ model to Poser’s Collada, Collada to FBX via the free Autodesk 2012 FBX Convertor, then via 3DXchange to iClone…

I’m pleased to say that, at least on this model, there were no texture fringing or opacity problems at all. Additional “fluff” by subtly glow-mapping the seed tops.


Autodesk FBX Convertor utility 2012 – free

A new 2012 version of the free FBX Convertor utility from Autodesk. Handy for converting characters from Collada to FBX, and from older version of FBX to more recent ones.


Expocast #2

Just released, Machinima Expo 2012: Expocast #2 podcast…


iClone videos on the newly expanded physics options

New official iClone tutorials covering the newly-expanded physics options…

* Constraint Types, Part 1:

* Constraint Types, Part 2 – Multiple Constraints:


iClone 5 physics experiments

Two cool new experiments with the newly expanded physics options in iClone 5:

* Panthar animates sliced bread with iClone physics…

* Shihfel gets a pendulum wave going…



New iClone movie clip from Norte43, successfully capturing the excitement of a cavalry charge made against cannons…


Muvizu Community Review

The latest Muvizu Community Review. The Health and Safety Inspector cometh…