The missing training DVDs: for Poser 9 / 2012 and DAZ Studio 4

Two new pages added, over on my new MyClone Poser & Daz Studio blog:  DAZ Studio 4 : the missing training DVD and Poser 9 / 2012 : the missing training DVD. These collect the various key official and unofficial training videos, and some key text/screenshot tutorials — and presents them in a logical order on one handy page for Poser and DAZ.


2 thoughts on “The missing training DVDs: for Poser 9 / 2012 and DAZ Studio 4

  1. I’m a little concerned you might burn out trying to run 2 blogs. One of the attractive features of the established MyClone blog is that it exists on the wild frontier between iClone and other 2D and 3D applications; so I never viewed your Poser and Daz postings as anything less than interesting, as someone who doesn’t use these applications but remains interested in them. Why not ask your users if they’d rather have you keep posting about both Reallusion and Poser-esque topics here? Especially since these worlds draw closer with the advent of 3XChange 5.

  2. I run a lot more than two blogs 😉 But I don’t want to confuse newly-arrived people. They don’t want to get here and see the front page full of DAZ and Poser, when they came expecting iClone…

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