How to get the best voice-over quality

Doing voice-overs? The ‘voice talent for hire’ site Voice123 says Shun the Line In socket on your PC’s sound-card. By using it…

“you’re giving your sound card a noisy, unbalanced input”

What you need, apparently, is a “external digital interface” with a USB connection. The article doesn’t specify a solution — but is illustrated by a picture of an M-Audio external socket box, so presumably that’s the intended solution.

   [ Hat-tip: Dulci ]


2 thoughts on “How to get the best voice-over quality

  1. No, you just need to use any good mic designed for USB output. After the sound is digitized, USB is just USB–nothing more can or will be done to it, until the data reaches your sound editor. By the way, Ducli recommends buying your mics at Musician’s Friend.

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