3DXchange 5 priced, dated

The pricing and free-upgrade deadline has been announced for 3DXchange 5

“From now on until the official launch date, any new purchasers of 3DXchange4 (full/upgrade) will be eligible for a free copy of 3DXchange5 Standard or PRO. A free copy of 3DXchange5 will be delivered to their email inbox within 3 working days after the April launch. Standard and PRO purchase users will get a premium price deal in order to upgrade to the Pipeline version if they later choose to do so.”

The pricing is…

I think everything for hinges, for me, on the question: can the FBX export be a complete project file, or will it just be limited to one character or one prop? If I can speedily make an iClone scene with characters, and then pass that out as a single sensibly-sized FBX for high-end rendering (either in a better game engine or a traditional renderer), then the Pipeline version might be worth considering. Although, even then, only at a heavily discounted introductory price.


8 thoughts on “3DXchange 5 priced, dated

  1. 500 dollars!? More than double the iClone Pro price? Sorry, but does this mean that the 200 dollar iClone is part of 3DXchange, not the other way around?

    I will buy it eventually, but price is much higher than people expected. Expect low sale numbers for Pipeline version, Reallusion.

  2. P.S. — But this part is something new, and if I have understood correctly, and worth the price:

    “…the Pipeline version will be released upon the launch of 3DXchange’s 5.1 update, which will allow for FACIAL MORPH characterization…

  3. I am a future new buyer… to be a developer for iClone… as I am a Blender user, I want to be able to create content equal to what 3ds Max can do… not just use Blender to make a static model or non-human character. If Blender gets a pipeline like Max has, then I would seriously consider buying the 3DXchange pipeline version… otherwise it just isn’t worth my while… $500 is very steep for me, if Blender support isn’t implemented equally.

  4. The Pipeline version of 3DXchange is aimed at indie game makers and freelance artists who can’t afford Motion Builder. Also, don’t forget that the Pipeline version will include 400 plus motions and 16 character bases. That is 16 characters fully rigged. Of course, this may change here and there, by the time it is released, but that is the gist of it. One of the biggest debates right now is around the issues relating to the copy protection, because after you export it out of iClone all that is gone. That is why the “pipeline” version is more expensive.

  5. Thanks for the info, Stuckon. But Reallusion also needs to understand that there is will be a future need (perhaps not here yet, admittedly) to have iClone project files that can be passed out in a few clicks to a vastly more powerful free game-engine such as the next iterations of Unreal or CryEngine for rendering, lights included. In time I’d hope to see that pipeline perfected (before 2013?), and the price of 3DXchange Pipeline come down accordingly next year.

  6. I really don’t know if the rendering engine of iClone is that bad. In my opinion, it´s more a matter of using good textures and using the different channels right. But I’m sure if exporting and rendering in a modern game-engine gets possible, we will definitely know the answer 🙂

  7. You’re right, Rince. It’s fine now, in the right hands. But in a couple of years, if it doesn’t get a visuals/lighting upgrade or pipeline, it might be looking a little faded.

  8. There was going to be a “Pro” version way back around version 1.5. It allowed export of iClone items. It was my understanding that not being able to protect the content was a major part of dropping that project. The beta was very promising considering the engine at the time. iClone was a very different animal then too. Its a big leap for a company to put something out there without copy protection as it will be pirated and in great numbers if its popular.

    The argument of “these people wouldn’t pay anyway” is never very convincing to the rights owner. I’m glad to see Reallusion take this leap as not many people I know would actually open up their content this way if they saw the numbers on suspected piracy of certain items.

    I’m just glad to see this done at all. It shows me that Reallusion realizes a pipeline has to be as open as possible for a high adoption rate. One step at a time and this is a great first step.

    The pipeline price is high for many users… but not for the pipeline crowd. It would be nice to see it cheaper but again I’ll go for a financially strong company with solid finances so the product or the company do not disappear as so many have over the years.

    To me… iClone characters in Unity or Studio Max is a dream come true.

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