I’m now able to offer a 3D models conversion service

I’ve added a new fixed page on this blog, for my new service. 3D models conversion

“With two years of deep experience of 3D model conversion and retexturing, I am happy to provide you with an expert 3D model conversion service, for a small fee payable by PayPal. Converting awkward 3D models and polygon reduction are my specialties! I love the challenge.

If you need a special 3D model converted for personal use — perhaps from DAZ or Poser to iClone, or from some other source — then please leave me a comment on this page. I can also provide a simple OBJ format, if required.

Interested? Please contact me with details of what you need, using the comments form below. The MyClone blog is checked daily, and your comment will not be made public.”

A very modest PayPal fee can quickly get you what you need for your movies or stills, meaning that you are free to concentrate on the creative aspects of your production.


One thought on “I’m now able to offer a 3D models conversion service

  1. Good for you. Congratulations. I don’t have any needs at the moment, but I hope this works out well for you.

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