Universal Voice Translator from Microsoft

Here’s an interesting development. Voice actors may in the near future have a means of automated voice translation (like in Star Trek). Microsoft has unveiled a working prototype of…

“software that translates your spoken words into another language while preserving the accent, timbre, and intonation of your actual voice. In a demo of the prototype software, Rick Rashid, Microsoft’s chief research officer, says a long sentence in English, and then has it translated into Spanish, Italian, and Mandarin. You can definitely hear an edge of digitized “Microsoft Sam,” but overall it’s remarkable how the three translations still sound just like Rashid.”

While Spock-like precision in meaning may not be as easy to produce as in Star Trek, it certainly seems to have potential for very basic straightforward auto-translation (if you needed a quickie translation of an iClone staff-training video made for a local business, for instance).