New Media Film Festival adds Machinima category

The reputable New Media Film Festival has a variety of competition categories that could interest iClone and CrazyTalk Animator users. They’re looking for indie content with serious commercial potential, in…


Digital Comics

Mobile (made for cel-phones)

   [ Hat-tip: Ricky Grove ]


2 thoughts on “New Media Film Festival adds Machinima category

  1. I have one movie there. In fact, all jury movies from last Machinima Expo are there. Ricky was kind enough to send my movie, without my knowledge, and on top of that, to pay the entry-fee for me.
    Viva la Ricky!!!!

    By the way, here is a question for you. How in hell one independent animator can get himself an agent!? Is there a such a thing? I am totally incapable for any kind of self-promotion, and I am sure I am not the only one…

  2. Good question. Perhaps we need a dedicated “iCloners-for-hire” showcase website, aimed at people commissioning short animations? I have tried eLance in the past, although not for animation and generally without success – I found prices there consistently driven down to silly levels, by overseas competition and “work-for-nearly-free” people. But you might see some success there in the Animation section.

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