Hanging Off Jefferson’s Nose

Nice use of CrazyTalk to promote a new book, although the choice of fonts might have been better…

“Hanging Off Jefferson’s Nose: Growing Up on Mount Rushmore” is a new picture book that tells the story of Lincoln Borglum, the boy who helped build the Mt. Rushmore monument.

New 3DXchange 5 Pro video tutorial

Reallusion has posted yet another 3DXchange 5 Pro video tutorial…

This one shows how to get the free bonus Templar Knight character (it comes with 3DXchange 5) into 3DXchange with external BVH motions, and then how to output a proper iClone character with a motion Perform menu.

If you’re trying this on less helmet-y characters then keep in mind that the facial animation capabilities don’t arrive until we get the $499 “Pipeline” version of 3DXchange 5, due in June.

DAZ to iClone

Warlord’s real-world demo of a DAZ character conversion, using the new 3DXchange 5 Pro…

“DAZ characters converted quickly with 3DXchange 5 DAZ template and a few bone selection changes. The conversion was quick, considering the character has a different leg structure with an extra shin.”

iClone upgrades to 5.2 – new patch, new 64-bit version

iClone can now run in 64-bit with the new v5.2 upgrade, released 19th April.

Among other things, this new update also adds easy integration with the new 3DXChange 5…

Added: Allow edit character in 3DXchange5 by clicking “Edit in 3DXchange”.
Added: Allow add motion to 3DXchange5 by right mouse click “Collect Clip” track.