Derigible Days web-series – funded

Fab new steampunk web-series planned and already funded via Kickstarter, Derigible Days

“the crew of the airship S.S. Beatrix as they transport a dangerous prisoner of war from the Cult of Cthulhu across the aethersphere of the Great Empire with ambushes, crooked lawmen, and Woe-Claw mercenaries along the way. Our adventure takes place in an alternate reality nearly 1,000 years after a catastrophe transformed the surface of Earth and raised floating skylands, launching a new age of exploration and colonization. This steampunk-themed sci-fi/action/comedy is set in a rich world that mixes the Victorian era with elements of Jules Verne, H.G. Wells and H.P. Lovecraft.”

Looks like it’s live-action, but with a scenario like that I’d expect they’ll be using a ton of CG and animation and FX.