“It’s a shocker!” – free electric fence set

A quality new electric fence system, free from AncestorsRelic in OBJ format. His fences were up in the 400,000 poly range, but I’ve reduced and converted them for iClone. Includes two fence types (29k polys), a corner section (38k polys), and a handy broken fence (29k polys) for when your Horrible Mutated Monsters have escaped…

Download (jungle and dinosaur not included)


2 thoughts on ““It’s a shocker!” – free electric fence set

  1. Thank you very much for the converting! I am always too lazy to take care for holding the polycount low (an i am not a professional modeler and do it only for fun… still so much to learn). Guess, the most unnecessary polys where “hidden” in the insulators and the barbed wire 🙂

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