More iClone 5 toon-shading goodness

A cool little iClone clip from ‘Cam’ in Sicily, Italy. Modelled with Carrara 8.5 Pro (it’s DAZ Studio’s big sister, and version 9 is due soon), presumably then rigged with 3DXchange 5 Pro, and then animated in iClone 5 using the toon shading options…


3 thoughts on “More iClone 5 toon-shading goodness

  1. I doubt it. What would be most useful for DAZ-iClone is for 3DXchange 5.5 to have a poly-reduction and texture map size-reduction modules built in, for working with FBX files.

  2. Modelled in Carrara 3d 8.5 Pro (vertex object), exported in FBX format in 3dXchange 5, and animated in iClone 5.

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