Lumion 2.5 released

Lumion 2.5 has been released. It’s the rather fab — but very expensive — real-time visualisation tool for architects. But it does have a free version, and bona fide students can now get an Educational non-commercial version for free via their school, college or university.

3DXchange 5 Pro Pipeline – tutorial videos

A new roster of tutorial videos for 3DXchange 5’s Pro Pipeline version:

* Applying Motions from iClone to Characters in Daz Studio

* Importing iClone Content to Unity 3D

* Applying Motions from iClone to 3DS Max CS Biped Characters

* Importing iClone Standard Characters to Maya

* Export of a BVH Motion From iClone to DAZ Studio 4

Scene Stealers

Scene Stealers is a new creative opportunity from the UK’s Film 4, to help celebrate Film 4 Production’s 30th birthday. All you have to do is…

“pick a scene from the list on their website, get yourself a camera (it could even be a camera phone) then recreate your favourite scene in 2 mins or less”

Sounds like they want normal video and film, but there’s nothing to say you can’t mix live action with composited animation 😉

Leap Motion

Does the Kinect have competition, for low-cost motion capture? Recently the Leap Motion device

“has sent shudders of delight through gadget lovers and computer designers alike by promising a new kind of ultra-accurate, and very cheap, optical 3D tracking for your desktop or laptop computer. Forget the Kinect, Leap Motion is cheaper ($70), more precise (down to 0.01 mm), and much smaller (think “pack of gum” proportions).”

I’m giving up on Vit3D’s PR5 character system

I’m giving up on buying the new releases for Vit3D’s character system, after spending far too many points on it. The PR5 characters are an ever-expanding attempt to build a system within the Reallusion iClone character system. While Vit’s ‘photo-realistic’ characters certainly look great nude, and with simple hair on (buy them for that, if that’s what you want), the same characters are incredibly difficult to put a whole set of Vit’s own clothes on. You basically require a Ph.D level education in Vit’s stunningly complex naming and parts system. Even if you do manage to puzzle some of it out, it seems next to impossible to get the characters looking like they do in the Store previews. Specifically, there appears to be no way to do something as simple as placing an undershirt under a jacket. Sorry, Vit, but I won’t be purchasing any more of your clothing packs or outfits for the PR5 characters — and I really can’t recommend that anyone else spends time and money trying to figure it all out either. iClone’s content is supposed to be simple, not even more complex than Poser’s clothing system and its ridiculous levels of dependencies.