Reallusion adds a new licencing layer

It looks like 3DXchange 5 Pro Pipeline version is on its way, fairly soon. Not that I can afford it 😉 but even so, it’s a cool development that people will also be able to easily do facial rigging. There are also changes in the Reallusion licencing structure for iClone Content…

“Developers will now have the option to add on an “Export License” fee to their content, which will allow users of other 3D software and game engines to export their iClone content into FBX or BVH format and subsequently use it in external projects.”

“3DXchange5 […] will prevent the user from exporting any iClone content into industry standard formats, unless they first pay the Export License fee [around 5X the normal content price as a standard] for that content”

Yup… that makes sense, and keeps things simple and un-scary. And any games made with your content would presumably be covered by the usual industry restrictions, preventing extraction and re-distribution of characters.

But I’d suspect the content would be used in indie 2.5D “point-n-click” adventure games, rather than full 3D games (which have an increasingly high quality barrier on their models and characters), and as a consequence might be more difficult to extract than if they were in a more mainstream game.