Reallusion’s buttons

Ok, the lengthy Reallusion 35% discount offer on iClone 5 and CTA is over. So I’m experimenting in taking the Reallusion banner-buttons off the MyClone sidebar. I’m going to try a DAZ button instead, to see if it generates more interest. It seems to be worth a try, since the combination of the free DAZ Studio 4 and the new 3DXchange 5 Pro is now drawing people toward the great wealth of quality DAZ content (in order to convert it for iClone).

Full disclosure on earnings: from Feb to June 2012, I earned a total of $92.69 from having various Reallusion links on this blog. That’s about £50 in English money, by the time the bank has taken its fee for converting a dollar banking cheque.

Last month the MyClone blog had total traffic of about 35,000 visitors, not including those reading via RSS and syndication. Discounting a few non-human bots, that’s probably around 1,000 people a day. The statistics show that just over 13,000 of those people loaded and saw the Reallusion sales buttons during June. So I guess about a third of visitors are not running ad-blockers in their browsers. The rest probably are doing ad-blocking, but they will have still seen the text links I added below the buttons. Only 116 people actually clicked on the buttons/links, even with a hefty 35% discount on offer — and those 116 clicks led to Reallusion making only two sales.