Wolf & Dulci Hour downloads

Recent Wolf & Dulci Hour radio shows on iClone and more, available as downloads


CrazyTalk Animator on the Ultrabook Touch

Want to get all touchie-feelie with your cute lil’ toon characters? You’re a perv in luck. CrazyTalk Animator has reportedly been optimised to work with the touch features in Intel’s Ultrabook touch (a neat-looking PC laptop/tablet hybrid)…

“Reallusion had early access to develop on the Ultrabook and the company was able to kick-off development of CrazyTalk Animator for the touch capabilities of Ultrabook. “After you’ve created your character from a photograph, you can now work on the emotion using touch. It’s a lot like digital puppeteering. You can animate everything based on touch.”

Remixes legal in the USA

Possibly spurred by Reallusion’s new dance video competition (maybe…), the U.S. Copyright Office has this week announced some new exceptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act…

“the [U.S.] Copyright Office ruled that it is legal to use music or clips from copyright media for personal or educational use.”

Your groovy remixes are apparently now safe until 2015. Let’s hope that someone tells that to the YouTube music-wiping auto-bot…

Monster Workshop tutorial videos

Video tutorials for the new iClone 5 Monster Workshop…

1. Monster Workshop Tutorial – Intro to Avatar Toolkit UI & Basic Assembly (15 minutes):

You need the Avatar Toolkit to animate the Puppet Parts, but it appears (at 7:54 in the video) that this is included in the Monster Workshop Kit.

2. Monster Workshop Tutorial – Facial Animation Fundamentals: