Honest architectural visualisations

Fab new real-time Lumion visualisation of the planned Descartes Bleriot development in the northern French port town of Calais. It all looks very sexy under the Mediterranean sunlight, and the buildings are seemingly designed for a Mediterranean climate. Sadly, Calais doesn’t have such a climate. It has much the same gloomy climate as London does. Which means the Mediterranean sunlight only appears for about three weeks a year. If I was a buyer I’d worry about the honesty of the developers, in other areas such as construction values and the like, if they blithely expected me to be interested based on such glossy and essentially misleading pictures. I’d love to see an industry-wide move toward more honest architectural visualisations, so we can see how a proposed development looks throughout the year, and through day-night and weather cycles. Before real-time animation there might have been an argument that presenting such a weather-complex video would be too expensive. But not now.


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