Render[in] 2 for Sketchup

Interesting new (to me) Sketchup plugin, Render[in] 2

“Render[in] for SketchUp is a powerful, fully-integrated rendering engine developed for SketchUp. Powered by Artlantis, Render[in] offers real-time preview for ‘what you see is what you get’ results”

It claims to be a “fully-integrated real-time radiosity engine”, and at $160 it’s not only aimed only at the architectural crowd.

Sadly, it’s not iClone-style real-time, just a speedily updating preview…

Still, they do make it look a lot quicker than other similar previewers. But you do have to grind through a traditional-style render process to actually get your desired final render. They don’t mention times on that final process, so I’m guessing it’s probably as slow as all the other traditional renderers. There’s a demo to try, if you want to see how fast it runs on your PC.